Blood-diamond war survivor turned entrepreneur and life design partner breaks down getting unstuck, aligning actions with values, and designing meaningful lives. In bite-sized Jenn's Gems episodes, Jenn tackles a specific challenge leaders face and shares proven and actionable life design tools with examples on how to execute. Guest episodes are chalk full of inspiration and examples of lives well-designed - Jenn talks with CEOs, athletes, writers, artists, and investors on living lives on their own terms.

Jennifer Kamara is a life design partner to CEOs, founders, and artists. She trains great leaders and empowers them and their teams to drive game-changing results and have more fun while they're at it. She holds an MBA from Stanford University, an MPA from Harvard University, and is a Co-Active Certified Coach.

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Latest Episodes

How to become the world's #1 LSAT tutor - Ellen Cassidy, Founder & CEO at Elemental Prep

Ellen Cassidy is a joy to be around and once you know her story you'll have even more respect for that. From humble beginnings to say the least, she is the product of ...

How to Bootstrap a Marketing Studio - Arica Rosenthal & Kristen Schellenberg, Hart & Highland

Arica and Kristen are the power cofounder duo behind Hart & Highland, an LA based creative and marketing studio that helps CPG food/ bev /wellness brands be heard, see...

Optimizing for Impact at Scale - Kevin Lee, Co-Founder at Immi

Kevin Lee is the Cofounder of Immi, a DTC company that invented the world’s first low carb high protein instant ramen. Kevin tells me about how growing up in Silicon V...

Building the Internet for Kids - David Vinca, Co-Founder at The Explanation Company

David is the co-founder of The Explanation Company, which is on a mission to support kids’ play, grow, and autonomy. David tells me about his journey from falling in l...

Creativity is not born from fear - Sam Garst, Founder and CEO at NOOD.COM

Sam is the founder of and is on a mission to help people feel more comfortable in their skin by creating better hair removal experience with the power of ligh...

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