Optimizing for Impact at Scale - Kevin Lee, Co-Founder at Immi

Kevin Lee is the Cofounder of Immi, a DTC company that invented the world’s first low carb high protein instant ramen. Kevin tells me about how growing up in Silicon Valley, the son of Taiwanese immigrants from a produce background resulted in him revolutionizing the ramen industry - one of those you can only connect the dots looking backward stories. Kevin shares how he and his cofounder’s playful curiosity and lack of experience in the traditional food manufacturing industry gave them the advantage necessary to execute on Immi. We talk about how he and his cofounder get to high operating leverage at Immi whose lean team of ~15 full time employees operates at about 4x the output of their team’s size. Finally our entire conversation is anchored in the thread of Kevin’s optimization for impact at scale - how he found that in building Immi and how empowering his team is his most important work in delivering impact at scale. This was a gem packed episode for any leader interested in the food space, operations optimizations, community building, or a good story. Enjoy Kevin!

Connect with Kevin:
- https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinleeme/
- https://twitter.com/kevinleeme

Check out Immi: https://immieats.com/

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Optimizing for Impact at Scale - Kevin Lee, Co-Founder at Immi
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