How to become the world's #1 LSAT tutor - Ellen Cassidy, Founder & CEO at Elemental Prep

Ellen Cassidy is a joy to be around and once you know her story you'll have even more respect for that. From humble beginnings to say the least, she is the product of a drug dealer and their customer and was raised in a single parent household. She learned to find agency through her academics earning her way into Stanford undergrad, which seemed worlds away from her upbringing in Philly. Ellen shares how instances of feeling other, misses, and failures led her down the right path for her - toward becoming the world's top LSAT tutor and founder of the online Hogwarts for LSAT prep. She's forthcoming about her entrepreneurial journey as not having been linear - how she deferred Harvard law three times before capturing her LSAT teachings into what became the #1 LSAT prep book The Loophole and subsequently growing Elemental Prep to a 100K MRR business. We end with Ellen's tips on how to become a top 1% reader, as well as how to prep youngsters in our lives for better reading comprehension. Your brain will tickle with engagement at this one, enjoy Ellen!

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00:00 Hook
00:41 Intro to Ellen
02:41 Ellen's humble beginnings
04:22 Learning to have agency for herself
16:17 How failures led Ellen down the right path
24:14 Launching what would become the #1 LSAT prep book
27:51 Scaling the Loophole to the online Hogwarts for LSAT
38:10 Scaling Elemental Prep to 100K MRR as a solopreneur
43:49 How to become a top 1% reader
How to become the world's #1 LSAT tutor - Ellen Cassidy, Founder & CEO at Elemental Prep
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