Replacing alcohol with cannabis infused drinks - Jake Bullock, Co-Founder at Cann

Jake is the cofounder of CANN a cannabis-infused social tonic that’s the number one micro-dose drink in California. He brings me up to speed on the history of various forms of cannabis, what the effects of THC and CBD are, and how CANN is leading the beverage market as a healthier and lighter alternative to alcohol. We talk about the education that the market requires around alcohol, cannabis, and micro-dosing, how he got celebrity investors like Rosario Dawson, Rebel Wilson, and Gwen Paltrow to come on board, and how he evaluates failure and success. A fantastic listen, thank you, Jake!

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[1:07] Growing up outside of Denver in the 90s, when it was a cow town
[4.33] Coming out as gay - the fears and challenges around that, what Jake filled the gap of expectations he felt society had on him, and grappling with the - and being Jake’s full authentic self 
[9.40] How did alcohol get so normalized
[ 13.38] Cannabis 101: history, different forms, health externalities
[ 20:57] Do the cannabis-infused drinks you see on grocery shelves have the effects they market!
[ 23:10] CANN! 
[29:58] Educating the market on cannabis risks, benefits and macro dosing
[33.07] The future of the cannabis market
[ 36:37] How Jake and Luke got celebrities like Rosario Dawson, Gweneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, and Casey Neistat to invest
[42.57] Jake’s must-listen tips for peak performance
[ 45:57] What does it mean to be successful and how this meaning has changed throughout life for Jake!
Replacing alcohol with cannabis infused drinks - Jake Bullock, Co-Founder at Cann
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