Is an MBA still worth it in 2023? - Jonathan Levin, Dean of Stanford GSB

I spoke with Jon Levin, the Dean of Stanford Business School, my alma mater, about all things running an institution of higher education. We discussed what being the Dean of a business school entails, the evolution of the MBA degree - specifically: is it worth it today and why, how the GSB will incorporate AI and language models into the curriculum, and unconventional paths students take to and post business school. Dean Levin tells me about his plans to offer more public policy topics as part of the MBA curriculum and we discuss the importance of preserving institutions of higher learning as spaces for discovery of ideas, free speech, and inclusivity as well as why it is important to do so at institutions like the GSB that nurture future leaders. We discuss non business school related topics as well - I learn about how Dean Levin navigated long distance pre phone and email communication with his high school sweetheart turned wife who’s a physician with whom he shares three kids and whether or not England PM and GSB Alum Rishi Sunak stopped by Stanford on his California vacation. So much more we could have gotten into, will have to have Jon back. Enjoy!

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Is an MBA still worth it in 2023? - Jonathan Levin, Dean of Stanford GSB
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