How to design your life - Steph Smith, podcast host at a16z, indie creator

I am joined by the one and only Steph Smith, a walking example of carving out your own path in life. You know her from several projects she led as an online creator from leading the Hustle’s newsletter Trends to 15k+ subscribers, her writing on online content creation, and as the host of a16z’s podcast. Steph tells me about what growing up in a multicultural household was like, what her dream is, how she prioritizes her projects these days, who she looks up to and why, as well as having moved to SF, whether she’ll go back to nomading. I had so much fun with Steph, and can’t wait for y’all to get to know her better!

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[0:00] Intro
[1:14] A fun fact about Toronto, and Steph’s formative experiences growing up 
[4:27] Growing up in a multiracial household, a love of soup, and chess
[13:08] What Steph’s working on these days
[15:57] Steph and Jenn on working with a spouse and on going your own way / forging your path 
[26:01] Steph shares her approach to solopreneurship and how she prioritizes what she works on
[31:18] Steph’s dream
[35:16] What Steph’s learning these days - podcasting and being you in content creation
[39:27] The folks Steph is most impressed by, the differences between going deep and broad and exploring career paths to finding your area of focus
[46:00] Monetizing your value: charge before comfortable, doesn’t have to be fixed can revisit with time when have dates 
[50:27] Stability and Steph :)
How to design your life - Steph Smith, podcast host at a16z, indie creator
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