How to build a "GOAT" mindset - Tony Taveras, bodybuilding champion

Tony “the GOAT” Taveras sits with me to talk how to make lemonade when life hands you lemons. From having to walk away from a 10 year NFL dream because of an injury, to then becoming one of the youngest sales leaders at LA Fitness, and now co-owning America’s largest roofing company, Tony tells me about how grit, perseverance, and purpose gave him the strength to not just get through but thrive in life. Tony further shares how to be a great salesperson (it is not about selling), how to train as a championship-winning bodybuilder, and what success means for him these days as a father and leader. Always a fun convo with Tony!

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[0:40] How Tony’s parents instilled grit, perseverance, and purpose in him and why his being here is meaningful
[11:41] Needing to walk away from a 10-year NFL dream due to injury
[14:42] Becoming best salesperson at LA Fitness at age 26yo and going on to co-own the biggest roofing company in America on track to contract for a billion dollars, seen on HGTV etc
[21:40] How to build a winning team
[24:14] How Tony the GOAT Taveras came to be
[26:21] Bodybuilding 101 - how Tony won the 2019 championship and top 16 athletes in the world - an olympian and invited by Schwarzenegger to the Arnold, future competitions
[31:36] How to train and eat like a bodybuilder and Tony’s advice on safety first to anyone looking to get into bodybuilding
[39:13] Tony’s routines for peak performance
How to build a "GOAT" mindset - Tony Taveras, bodybuilding champion
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