How to address the maternal care crisis - Senan Ebrahim, MD, PhD, Founder & CEO at Delfina

Senan is a physician-scientist and the founder of Delfina, a company taking a data approach to address the maternal care crisis. Senan tells me about who faces the worst outcomes, why that is, and how we can begin to improve our state of care. We talk about what 3 things every woman and family should do to maximize the health of mom and baby, what 3 things to ask your OBGYN, and what minority women with the worst outcomes can do to maximize their care. I had a blast getting to know Senan - we talk about growing up in an immigrant family, his wife’s experience with labor and the impact his son has had on him since birth. A beautiful episode, enjoy it!

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[0:00] Intro
[2:57] Growing up as a Syrian Pakistani son of immigrants in San Jose, CA
[5:57] The experience of being a third culture kid
[8:28] Senan’s sense of home
[9:45] Being a muslim kid in America post 9/11
[13:08] An interest in medicine: SF and and mom’s battle with cancer
[19:31] Maternal health crisis in the US - who is most affected?
[21:17] Why do black women have the worst outcomes, Serena Williams’ experience
[24:22] What black women can do to own the pregnancy experience and maximize best outcomes
[30:30] Advice to minority mothers particularly black and Native American
[34:18] Senan and his wife’s experience with labor and what inspired Delfina
[39:05] How Delfina is bridging the maternal care data gap
[42:36] Delfina’s dataset and being able to use Delfina to have a more informed pregnancy
[47:23] The future of personalized healthcare
[50:20] Three critical things to pay attention to for a healthy baby and mom
[54:07] Three things to ask your OBGYN
[54:23] Advice to the non baby carrying partner on how to win best supportive partner award in your partner’s delivery
[58:30] How becoming a dad has impacted Senan and his wife
How to address the maternal care crisis - Senan Ebrahim, MD, PhD, Founder & CEO at Delfina
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