A world-class speaker, thought leader, podcast host, CEO, and entrepreneur - Jasmine Star

Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Jasmine Star. She's a CEO, a speaker, a podcaster, who teaches business owners how to tell visual stories online. Jasmine shares with me how her mom's fight with cancer inspired her to drop out from law school and pursue photography. We discuss working with our husbands, Jasmine's business serving 66 thousand customers, launching a software company, and much more. I absolutely loved Jasmine's energy and no-nonsense approach to work and life, and you will too.

Thanks for coming on, Jasmine!

Connect with Jasmine:
- https://jasminestar.com/
- https://www.instagram.com/jasminestar/
- ​https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTFWKO9EiG1lumOBA8bjMsQ

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00:00 Jasmine Star
00:35 Intro to Jasmine
03:15 What Jasmine is grappling with today as an entrepreneur
06:27 Carving time as a CEO to focus on business drivers and letting your team run with the operations they are good at
10:38 What is Modeling as a CEO
13:21 Reframing decisions for yourself away from selfish to energizing for me and as a result good for the business and those around me
18:54 How Jasmine repeatedly pursued and succeeded in careers she was "uneducated, unfunded, unqualified, unprepared" to pursue
23:41 Making Gut in addition to Logic Decisions as Leaders
29:53 Being OK with not being everybody's cup of tea as a leader
38:59 How Jasmine takes care of herself: morning routine and mental fitness 
48:21 How Jasmine designs her relationships with her loved ones
A world-class speaker, thought leader, podcast host, CEO, and entrepreneur - Jasmine Star
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