Blood-diamond war survivor turned entrepreneur and life design partner breaks down getting unstuck, aligning actions with values, and designing meaningful lives. In bite-sized Jenn's Gems episodes, Jenn tackles a specific challenge leaders face and shares proven and actionable life design tools with examples on how to execute. Guest episodes are chalk full of inspiration and examples of lives well-designed - Jenn talks with CEOs, athletes, writers, artists, and investors on living lives on their own terms.

Jennifer Kamara is a life design partner to CEOs, founders, and artists. She trains great leaders and empowers them and their teams to drive game-changing results and have more fun while they're at it. She holds an MBA from Stanford University, an MPA from Harvard University, and is a Co-Active Certified Coach.

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Latest Episodes

What happened with Silicon Valley Bank? - Sunny Kumar, MD, Partner at GSR Ventures

Emergency episode to shed light on Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Department of Treasury announcement, and what it means for all of us -  startups, VCs, and the general...

"First we need to fall before we can fly" - Meg LeFauve, screenwriter and film producer

On women's day we dive into how to pursue your dreams and embody your most powerful self - with the Oscar nominated writer of Pixar's Inside Out. Meg tells me about wh...

How to make your daughter believe in herself - Jes Wolfe, CEO at Rebel Girls

Hey rebel crew! Jes Wolfe is the perfect lady to kick off women’s month with. She is the CEO of multi-platform brand, Rebel Girls - on a mission to instill confidence ...

The rise of US soccer - Ian Anderson, CSO at San Jose Earthquakes

Ahead of the Major League Soccer season starting Feb 25th, I catch up with my friend Ian Anderson who is Chief Strategy Officer at San Jose Earthquakes. Ian helps set ...

"Here is how I would help MrBeast start a podcast" - Ben Wilson (PodRamp, HTTOTW, MyFirstMillion)

Ben Wilson is the creator of How to Take Over the World Podcast, producer of My First Million Podcast, and founder and CEO of PodRamp. We discuss how to think about en...

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